The fall season has finally arrived. As much as I love the beautiful and romantic season, this is the month where I really focus on my skin. As the leave change color, so does the condition of our skin. There is less exposure to the sun and this the time to get the treatments that you were waiting for. A lot of people neglect the skin. What we need to remember is that the skin is the biggest organ in our body. Therefore, by having beautiful skin doesn’t mean I am only thinking about what I look like, but that by taking care of our skin, our body is healthier which allows us to fight viruses and infections in the colder months. For this fall I would like to recommend microneedling. The benefits of microneedling are Controlled exfoliation, skin tightening, rebuilding collagen and elastin, and acts to create a vehicle to the serum or ampules that we might use.

Let us not forget what the summer months have done to our skin. The Rays from the sun can cause hyperpigmentation (age spots or sun spots), abnormal cell mutation, wrinkles, dehydration, aging-related disorders, three types of skin cancer, and a diminished immunity to infection. If this cycle of sun exposure and neglecting of skin care continues, our skin will show signs of aging at a rapid pace. As we take vitamins to maintain and keep our bodies healthy, we need to undo what the sun has done to our skin.

Microneedling know as Collagen Induction Therapy has been becoming more and more popular for it’s benefits. When we micro-needle, we are using acupuncture size needles penetrating into the skin and causing micro-punctures. These needles touch the fibroblast. The fibroblast is what creates collagen and elastin. When you microneedle, the skin thinks that the skin area is injured and it starts to create collagen and elastin. When we get a cut to the skin, this is the method the body uses to create new skin heal the wound. Creating new collagen and elastin can greatly improve our skin.

While the skin is creating the collagen and elastin, the old skin then sheds and falls off. This is also know as controlled exfoliation. When we use microdermabrasion or sloughing, it is also known as forced exfoliation. This can cause micro-tears or trauma to the skin. However, with microneedling, the controlled exfoliation lets the body process the exfoliating at a faster face.

When we use serums or ampules, our body normally absorbs anywhere from 20-40 percent. When we microneedling, this is a vehicle to deliver the serums and ampules to where we want it to go. The punctures allows the serums to penetrate the skin at a much deeper rate and allows the body to absorb 120 percent more than what it would normally. Ultimately, allowing our skin to maximize the benefits of the serums.

For this fall season, I would like to recommend microneedling. The benefits of microneedling make our skin tighter, firmer, brighter, and healthier. By having healthy skin, this allows the body to make sure we are protected against viruses and bacteria. Microneedling is great for our skin when done by a properly educated technician. However, when the procedure is done by an unqualified person, this can damage and injure the skin. Always look or ask for their certificates of training and ask them many questions. Take care of the skin while the sun is away, and always to apply SPF or sun block on a daily bases.

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